-Just Wondering-

Hi. This is River again. I was just wondering why y’all were following. I’m just getting it set up, and I barely have three pages, total. I mean, no complaints. Definitely no complaints. But…just curious. Care to comment?

My stats say no views

Why are you following me

I am confused

~A haiku

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Hi again. I discovered just now how useless the Home page is. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to delete or rename it, so this is where I will post updates and notifs. Thanks.

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Hi. How often have you felt that you really liked a piece of fanfiction- or maybe you just enjoyed talking about it, but had no friends who read fic? Whether it was a Supernatural slashfic, or maybe Harry Potter crackfic, or even celebrity fanfiction? This is an online book club (still WIP, sorry) for reviewing fan fiction. What we do is find a fic that you enjoyed or want reviewed and we post the name, author and short summary of it at the beginning of each month. We will do that soon- right now, school is kind of…bothersome…and time consuming. Then, during the last week, we will post a list of topics and discussion points. You can comment and answer the question, and reply to others. We might contribute to the discussion, adding some interesting points that we feel should be brought up.


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